Cooling Tower Demolition Videos

Millions of dollars to build, years spent planning, designing and working to build these massive cooling towers and its all blown away in the flick of a switch
Viralkings: Cooling Tower Demolition Videos

Savannah River K-Reactor

In a matter of seconds, a $90 million structure that took three years to complete was reduced to millions of pounds of rubble as the cooling tower at Savannah River Site's K-Reactor was imploded

Sellafield Cooling Tower Demolition 29-09-07

The first two of four 88 metre high cooling towers at Sellafield in Cumbria were exploded as part of the Calder Hall site's decommissioning.

Careful planning had been arranged for the explosion of the 289ft (88m) towers - which were officially opened by the Queen on October 17, 1956

Trojan Plant Implosion

"Trojan" Nuclear Power-Plant stack implosion as seen through a thermo imaging camera